5 Ways to Test Whether A Niche is Profitable

You have an amazing idea for a blog. You are certain that becoming an authority figure in this niche will be a cinch. You envision yourself being interviewed as an overnight success, and can’t wait to get started. Even though you are virtually sure in your mind that you will be a success, is there some way to measure if your niche will be profitable? The following 5 methods will help you discover if your “guaranteed success” will be exactly that, or an all but certain failure.


1 – Is There Any Competition?

Too much competition can be a bad thing. There are so many web properties already entrenched in a market that is very competitive, that it will be tough for you to be a success. However, no competition is a bad sign as well. Type your niche name into Google. Are there ads at the top, bottom and to the right side of the search results? If so, that is a good sign. That means companies are profitable enough to spend money advertising to your market.

2 – Check Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. Type a potential niche into the search engine at Amazon. Are there thousands of results, or less than 100? You may think you have a sure-fire idea for an authority blog or website. However, if the biggest retailing web presence doesn’t show too many items for sale in your prospective niche, you should probably move on.

3 – Shoot For the Sweet Spot

Log into your account at Google’s Keyword Planner. If you don’t have an account, sign-up is free. Once there, choose the option to “Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ads”. Inside brackets, search for your niche market. For example [organic dog biscuits] may show 34,900 monthly searches. Shoot for somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000 exact match searches for a sweet spot that reveals niche viability.

4 – Is It Trendy?

Some topics trend reliably at certain times every year. Some markets are poised to explode in popularity, while others may be popular now, but ready to fall flat. Checking your niche with Google Trends can reveal some surprisingly informative data regarding whether your niche is trending up or down.

5 – Selling Information? Check Here

JVZoo, Clickbank and CJ.com are just a few of the most popular sites where information is sold. If you plan on offering information products, checking to make sure that your market is healthy on those sites is imperative.


Become Rich As an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing in my own definition is a marketing system where a person is rewarded for bringing a buyer to patronize a seller. For people who own websites and are in dire need to monetize it, affiliate marketing provides one the best marketing techniques to make money online. It is obvious there are many ways to earn money online, but it is more appealing to subscribe to an affiliate program for some reasons:

• It is cheap

• It is quick

• It is self-mastery

• It is exciting

In affiliate marketing, the burden of creating a product is lifted already. This is because there are many businesses online that have varieties of products for which marketers are needed. So when you sign up with any of them, you become an affiliate marketer. Your job would now be to assist the business or seller in generating sales by creating marketing outlets.

The way it really works

Every affiliate program is customized to provide user-friendly services to an affiliate marketer. For instance, when you join an affiliate network, you have the choice of selecting the products of your interest to promote. Now, for every product you selected, you would be provided with a unique code. With this affiliate code, you can refer people (known as traffic) to the seller’s website or the target page. For most of the affiliate programs I know, there are banners, text links, referral URLs, and other marketing aids offered by the seller. You are only required to copy the code of any of them, place it on your affiliate website and get traffic referred to the seller’s website. When someone visits your website, become interested in any of the products displayed through those links, just a click away and they are redirected to where the product is on the seller’s website. When the person eventually buys a product, you receive a commission for your little effort. Apart from products, there are also affiliate programs where services are sold, though both operate through the same method.

Affiliate marketing is indeed interesting. It is a global market where you can reach an unlimited number of people. It has mass appeal because of its cost effectiveness. All burdens of customer support are handled by the seller. You do not need to rent a shop as it does not require a physical location. And you know what? It gives you the opportunity to become a boss, work from home, avoid the tormenting traffic of the city, shoulder brush, sharp elbow, and unkind and swear words associated with city traffic.

Finally, if you are tired of receiving a fixed income and need a passive income, you can rely on affiliate marketing to provide you a steady flow of earning even when you are asleep.

Source by John Thompson Jay

Affiliate Marketing: Understanding Residual Income From Affiliate Programs

If you are reading this, chances are you are looking for another way to earn income or thinking about quitting your nine to five desk job. Affiliate marketing may be the best option to try. It will not make you a millionaire overnight or even earn you millions, but it is a good start to earn extra income without having too much time spent on it. Affiliate marketing’s popularity has changed dramatically over the years. Seasoned marketers can earn more than their day jobs, and you can earn residual incomes that can replace your desk job’s income in the end.

Affiliate Marketing

Understanding the basic concept of this marketing strategy is easy; same as almost program types, and varies only depending on a few features such as commission or product. The program works through visitors clicking on the affiliate’s website, then the website would redirect the visitor to the merchant’s site and if the visitor purchases an item, the affiliate gets a commission. There are different program types that you can choose from, depending on how much you are willing to spend, money- and time-wise.


One of the most popular ways to earn from the program is to run the affiliate’s product page in a website. For people who love blogging or have their own followers, using this method type is easy as one already has an existing traffic of the same niche. The traffic might not be that high but the ratio of conversion rate is higher since the ads show products that are related to the niche or industry that the blogger is passionate about.

Individuals who are active in the social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter may also earn residual income. Although relatively new in the market, some social media pay people to tweet or mention their products. Since social signals from the platforms reach millions especially with celebrity or well-known endorsers, one mention of the product can drastically increase the sales of that particular product. Some companies share profits earned from the sale or give out incentives.

For those who want to earn passive income but do not have the time to invest, e-commerce websites are excellent. Some people would need to apply to the affiliate program and once approved, they can set up their own website with the products they are interested in. They can create a review site, price comparison, search engines and others. One can set it automatically so that a new product will appear at the site whenever. This is a good way to earn residual income.

Source by Francheska Craig

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